Nikon 28-300mm Lens – my thoughts

After my trip to Tasmania I decided to try and lighten my travel kit by replacing a few less used lenses with one all rounder. I had heard a lot of mixed reports in regards to the 28-300mm lens and people either raved about it or absolutely hated it. For me, it was about making my kit weigh a lot less but still having the flexibility to shoot at a multitude of focal lengths.

In my kit, the lens I use 95% of the time is the 14-24mm, it’s my favourite, it’s ultra wide and just does a wonderful job. But sometimes, I need something with a little more reach, so I would pack my 24-70mm… once again, a brilliant lens… but it only goes to 70mm, so what about the times I want a zoom, say to 200mm… so I also take my 70-200mm and a 1.7x Tele converter. The problem with all these lenses, is that I am carrying about 40% of my bag weight for only 5% of my shots. So I decided to try the 28-300mm on my recent trip to NZ, this allowed me to just take 2 lenses. My 14-24mm and the 28-300mm. In the coming days I will start to write my thoughts in more depth, and maybe you will be surprised as much as I was… good or bad? well… you will have to wait and see but I will reveal all soon!

Today’s iCandy – Moonlit Piha

I was shooting sunset at NZ’s Piha beach, it was a completely clear night and about 20 minutes after the sun had well and truly set, I decided to turn around and head to the car when I saw this! The last bit of light from the sun was still glowing on the horizon providing a soft light to the hill whilst the full moon was bursting out of the sky! I used the 28-300mm to capture this shot.

Moonlit Piha


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