Free Photography Course

It’s not often I come across something for free, it’s even less often that I come across something that is free, and actually worthwhile having! is an online training company, for a couple more days, all you have to do is ‘LIKE’ them on Facebook and you will get free access to the course “Douglas Kirkland on Photography: Photographing Kids and Families”.

Course topics include working with toddlers and small children, incorporating props into a photo shoot, lens and lighting decisions, shooting techniques in both informal and studio settings, and posing families and kids together.

By the way… I don’t get paid or anything like that for sending you over to Lynda… I just thought you may like it

Today’s iCandy – A little morning Tai Chi

When I was in Beijing, I would head out in the mornings for a little walk. Everywhere I went I would come see people playing games and exercising in the parks. One of the more popular things I would see is Tai Chi… especially for the women. They were pretty well set up, they would have a portable music player…. they take there Tai Chi seriously!

morning tai chi

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