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I have done some updating to the My Gear page, and will continue to add more info over the coming weeks. A lot of people ask me for my opinion when it come to photography gear… hopefully the My Gear page will help you decide!

As I try new gear I will do my best to update the blog, if you see me using something and you want to know more about it, shoot me a message and I will create a page dedicated to it.

Really Right Stuff

A serious Ball Head

Talk about quick delivery! It amazes me that I can usually get something that ships from the USA quicker than something locally! You would think that the Aussie sellers would get their act together…

I ordered a BH55 Ball Head from Really Right Stuff last week and it has already arrived. I will add a page dedicated to it once I get some use from it, but so far it is a very impressive piece of equipment!

My first impression is this will be the last Ball Head I will ever have to buy. It is well built and is going to take whatever I can throw at it… next is the carbon fibre legs to go with it… stay tuned…

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  1. Have to agree with you 100% Ben. Buying stuff from the US is not only cheaper (including shipping) but also much faster.
    Aussie resellers are interesting in screwing the local buyer by having huge price markups and then not enough stock but long lead times.

    I recall buying Lensbaby directly from the manufacturer and it came in one week from the US. I saved $500 when buying everything from them as opposed to buying from DigitalCameraWarehouse. This was when the aussie dollar was 79-80 cents against the US dollar.

    I plan to pick-up this kind of gear next year from the US when I travel there. Can’t wait!!

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