OMG! I have hurt my Nikon D700!

I was down at Narrabeen shooting a sunrise yesterday morning and I was moving from one spot to another and slipped on a rock… I went down, the camera went down and now it doesn’t want to take a pic… I think it is every photographers worst nightmare, our cameras are expensive tools and whilst they’re built to take a beating, there isn’t much that can withstand being dropped onto solid rock.

As upset as I am about it, I just need to give it to Nikon to see if it can be repaired and keep my fingers crossed. In the meantime I still have my D300 so I will use that. My favourite lens was on the camera at the time I dropped it so I will have to get that checked too just in case I have done some damage to that. I guess I am lucky I didn’t break myself, I have a graze and a bruise or two… luckily that’s it.

The Daily Pic – Narrabeen Baths

I am happy with this pic even though there wasn’t much of a sunrise. The ¬†lighting is a floodlight behind me creating a unique effect, there were a couple of crazy northern beaches people having a swim at 6am, even though it was only 13 degrees! This is a good spot and I will return to this area as there is a lot to photograph around Narrabeen.

Narabeen Baths

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