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I am working like a busy beaver to upgrade a few things on the blog… I never knew It was going to be this popular when I started, and your first blog post is like your first house, you’re only guessing what your needs are going to be, so when I created the on3legs website 9 months ago I had no idea what I really wanted. Nearly a year down the track, I have a better idea of what I want to be able to do with the site, so now I am going through metamorphous (well the site is anyway) from a pretty caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly… in the coming weeks you will see a change… the good news is what I do, and how I do it won’t change, so you will still get the same regular banter and images from me, but it will look nicer, be easier to navigate and I will also have a virtual gallery you can come into and look through my limited edition prints that will be available for purchase. The new site will also adapt to your screen or window size, so no matter what device, screen or window size you choose, the site will adapt to bring you the best experience… I hope you like it!

Today’s iCandy – The 3 Sisters

I am re-sharing this image with you… I have upgraded my software and computer and my internet is so slow… I am still trying to get all the updates I need so I can process any new images. However, this is one of my favourites, and yours too judging by the activity on my portfolio site, it is one of the most purchased and viewed images… enjoy!

The 3 Sisters

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