Andrew’s first X-E1 HDR

I get a lot of nice messages, I read them all and personally try to reply to them all (although it is getting harder, so If I missed you, I am sorry). I really enjoy seeing the results you get and love to hear your thoughts on the blog and tutorials. Below is an extract from an email and an image I received from Andrew… I think he did a pretty good job!

Hi Ben, I enjoy seeing what you’ve been up to and it’s made me make some plans to do the same.

Your HDR article and guide had instant and very satisfying results, although the scene I chose is not the nicest vista in ordinary times! It’s simply a view from our balcony in our apartment in Dubai. We’re down low, 1st floor and look into the uninspiring scene of traffic lights, petrol station and the ubiquitous MacDonald’s!
I hope you like the results, it really was the first time I had ever done this and with my new and much cherished XE-1, it has become the beginning of a new journey for me.
You guidance and recommendations where so helpful and to the point which was a real eyeopener.
Many thanks again and I’ll be looking forward to reading your latest news.
Andrew Kennedy

Today’s iCandy – My Favourite Lighthouse

The Hornby lighthouse at Watsons Bay in Sydney is my favourite! And not because it looks like candy!

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