How to take better photos at night

I get many different requests sent to me, sometimes here on the blog, other times through my social media pages or maybe you asked me something in person. I keep a note of all of these things and this is how I decide what content to create for my YouTube channel and here on the blog (I love getting your ideas by the way, so keep sending them in!, I promise I will cover it soon)

I have often been asked for my Night Photography Tips, for example, what settings I would use or what equipment. Taking photos at night was something that took me a while to get my head around, settings are generally going to be different to other times of the day, as is equipment and technique. There is too much info to share with you about this in a blog post so I have created a whole page dedicated to Taking Photographs at Night (click here to go there now).

I hope you find my night photography tips useful!

Below is a photo taken at the Church of the good Shepherd, Lake Tekapo in the South island of New Zealand. This is a 30 second exposure, my wife was behind the church and I called out at the beginning of the exposure so she could shine the torch through the windows, making it look like the lights are on.

Night Photography Tips

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