On3legs | A Night at the Shangri La
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A Night at the Shangri La

Dreaming of a higher floor

I spent the weekend in the city, and decided to stay overnight at the Shangri La, I had seen so many great photo’s form there that I decided I wanted to try and get my own ‘Shangri La’ shots… I had been looking forward to it with excitement, I even went to the extra expense of upgrading to a Deluxe Harbour View room!

It was super busy in the hotel lobby, Vivid Sydney was on for the final weekend and the city was jam packed. We had a little trouble getting checked in as our room wasn’t ready, and when I finally got my room key it didn’t even register that I was only on the 9th floor until I got into the room and looked out the window!

Don’t get me wrong, the view was spectacular, but I had hoped for a higher floor… I rang the reception to see if I could get moved to a higher level, they said they would ring me back…. I am still waiting for that call.

Knowing that sunset was fast approaching, I just decided to set up my gear and get some shots, and I did, in fact, I got a lot I was really happy with! I then headed out into the city with some friends to check out vivid without all my heavy camera gear.

When I got back to the hotel, I headed up to Level 36, that have a bar and restaurant up there, and of course, a magnificent view. This shot was taken on my Fuji X-T1 hand held from the restaurant, and is the kind of view I had hoped for from my room.

Anyway, a tip for you. If you’re going to stay at the Shangri La in Sydney with the sole purpose of shooting Sydney Harbour and you want to be guaranteed a high floor, ask for a Horizon Harbour View room, they’re level 30 and above, so next time I stay there, that is what I will ask for!

Level 36 of the Shangri La

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