On3legs | Nikon D800 Review
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Nikon D800 Review

well, at least I am making a start!

Nikon D800

Okay, I have finally given in to the requests to give you my thoughts on the D800… I honestly thought there are enough reviews of this camera online already! anyway, due to it being one of the most popular questions I get I have started a page dedicated to the D800. You will find it HERE

Please don’t get too excited… I have only just started it, so I suggest you check back on a regular basis to get more juicy info on the D800. I will also be using some of the questions I have on the page, so if YOU have a burning question in regards to the D800 (or anything for that matter) then post it on my FACEBOOK page and I will answer it for you!



Fuji X-e1 on it’s way

If you’re not up to speed with the mirrorless scene, the Fuji X-E1 in Fujifilm’s latest to hit the market and I think this will seriously take on the Sony NEX7 and the Olympus… I will post more news as it comes to hand… and I will road test this baby as soon as I have received it and let you know my thoughts so stay tuned!

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