Happy Easter!

I trust the Easter bunny was kind to you and left you with stacks of Chocolate to enjoy! Easter to me is a little like Christmas, besides the religious significance of these two occasions, I find the opportunity to hang out with family and friends enjoyable, maybe it’s the chocolate, or the alcoholic beverages that just happen to be consumed on these days, I find everyone is pretty happy and chillaxed! So make sure you not only enjoy your day, but take the opportunity to enjoy it with family and friends…

The Daily Pic – Nikon versus Canon

The title of this daily pic might upset a few Nikon lovers, I know that if my Nikon what going head to head with the Cannon at the Roundhouse Fremantle it is likely to come off second best. This Cannon is still fired at 1pm every day, and was originally so people could keep track of time. I am sure they only use blanks now (if that’s what they call them). However… on this occasion I took at shot of this Cannon with my Nikon!

RoundHouse Cannon

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