Man Made meets Nature

I am not sure what draws me to it, but I like something in my shots that is man made. Strange really…. I was chatting to wildlife photographer Michael Snedic and he says he has never published an image with anything man made in it. For me, when I arrive on location the first thing I look for is Jetty’s, Lighthouse, Bridges and the likes… I love an old jetty and have a list of Lighthouses to shoot in the future. For me I think part of the attraction is it gives perspective to the image, that is, it is easier for you to see the size of everything if there is a man made structure in the image. I am also a huge fan of foreground and symmetry, just my quirks I guess.

New Technical Mumbo Jumbo

You will notice that I have started to add the technical information about the shot. You have asked me on a regular basis for the info so I decided I would add it… If you have a look at the bottom of Today’s iCandy you will see it nicely laid out for those of you that are interested!

Today’s iCandy – Norah Head Lighthouse

The Central Coast about 90 minutes drive north of Sydney has a lot of hidden gems when it comes to photography. I must spend more time exploring the area as I know I have a lot yet to capture. After doing a sunset shoot at Long Jetty I decided to check out Norah Head lighthouse.

Norah Head Lighthouse

The Technical Mumbo Jumbo

[tabbed tabs=”Camera|Mode|ISO|Aperture|Shutter|Lens|Filter|Other info”] [tab] I used my trusty D800 for this one [/tab] [tab] Manual Mode was used giving me creative control [/tab] [tab] ISO100 – I always shoot as low as possible [/tab] [tab] f9 – a sweet spot for this lens [/tab] [tab] 30 seconds, capturing a full revolution of the light [/tab] [tab] Nikon 16-35mm VR f4 – a nice UWA lens [/tab] [tab] None used [/tab] [tab] Post processed using Topaz Adjust 5 to bring out the detail in the lighthouse – try for yourself by Clicking Here – save 15% with code ‘on3legs’  [/tab] [/tabbed]

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