Seeing new things – snap away!

As a photographer, I constantly see photo’s, I see them everywhere as I walk around. I find it extremely enjoyable to be able to walk around and just explore, and the power of digital DSLR means that I can snap off as many pics I want without worrying about it costing me any more that a bit of hard drive space. In fact, the morning I was wandering around Homebush Olympic Park I took about 90 different compositions, and some of them are just never going to see the light of day! Sometimes I see something and think “that will work great” and it doesn’t, and sometimes I think… “mmmm, maybe….” and it does!

The Daily Pic – Olympic Park Station

Todays daily pic was one of those “mmmm….maybe” moments when I am not really sure it is going to work, I am really happy I took this shot as it ended up being a really cool pic, it is one of my top ten from the Homebush shoot… enjoy!

Olympic Park Train Station Australia

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