Wet, wild and windy….

The weather was all over the place, one minute it was beautiful and sunny, then all of a sudden we had gale force winds, then rain… then it was sunny again! Despite the cool temps and the spasmodic weather everyone had a great time. We kicked off meeting at Blues point reserve to get a shot or two of the famous coat hanger, aka the Harbour Bridge… I took a time lapse for something different and I am quite happy with it! It was great to meet everyone and share the joy of photography, I am always happy to be part of a group of people that are so friendly, Jenni has forgotten her spare battery and the one she was using went flat… never fear, a spare is never far away, in fact, it was Peter who came to the rescue and lent Jenni his spare… thanks Peter!

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/48677677 w=500&h=281]

Once we had all met and taken a few snaps of the bridge, it was time to wander to the ferry wharf for a ride over to Circular Quay. We were all glad to get on the ferry as it got us out of the wind for a few minutes… once arrived at Circular Quay, the wind seemed to have disappeared and the sun came back out! As we were happily snapping away and slowly making our way to the Opera House, the rain started… it came out of nowhere… luckily it was short lived, and whilst getting wet is no fun, shooting a rainbow is always a bonus… even better when it is a DOUBLE!

A Double Rainbow

We then wandered around to Mrs Macquarie’s chair for sunset and a lot of laughs were had, and a lot of pics were taken… thanks to everyone that attended, I really enjoyed myself and hope you did too… I will announce the next on3legs photowalk soon!

This was at the end of our photowalk. This is taken using my 14-24mm lens, so it is not stitched… this is one very wide lens! I have only had this lens for about a month and I am already falling in LOVE….

The best Harbour in the world!








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