Thanks for the comments…

I have had really nice messages from you! It is nice to see people using the tutorial and starting to use it to make some stunning HDR images. I have even been tagged in google plus pictures thanking me (which I love by the way, so feel free to do it!)

What is HDR? If you like my ‘style’ of photography then you like HDR photography. It is a process where you take several exposures of the same scene and blend them together later, it captures all of the different shades of light. HDR stands for ‘High Dynamic Range’. I like the way it looks… it feels more like what I see with my eyes and I enjoy looking at the photo’s more when they’re processed this way.

You can learn HDR too… A lot of people have asked me to help them learn how to create HDR photo’s, and I am always happy to. I wrote an in depth tutorial with screenshots and step by step instructions on how to do it. If you keen to learn how then all you need to do is visit my LEARN HDR page (click Here)

Today’s iCandy – Gloomy Day in the Paddock

Some of you aren’t happy with your results yet so I thought today would be a good time to share my first HDR image with you. This is the image that changed the way I think about photography. I was so excited about my new found knowledge of HDR that I had to go out and find something to shoot. I shot this hand held over a 6 foot fence through the barbed wire that adorn the top of the fence… I have learnt a lot since this photo, and would process it completely differently if it were today… we all have to start somewhere! If you’re keen on learning HDR, all it takes is a little bit of learning and to get out and shoot something, okay, shoot lots of things!



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