Heading to the Outback…

This weekend I will be jumping in a light plane and flying to the outback. I am heading to Birdsville and on the way I will spend my first night at Tibooburra. There is a hill there called ‘sunset hill’ and hopefully the weather gods turn on a beaut show for me… I have never flown myself further west than Dubbo so this will be a tick off the bucket list by itself. On day two I will be making the short flight to Birdsville and may stay one or two nights depending on accommodation. At this stage they only have one night available. For the next evening I may head accross to Camerons Corner, this is where NSW, SA and QLD meet, it is a short 2 hour flight from Birdsville… I am sure I will grab some great shots on my trip and I look forward to sharing those with you on my return!

The Daily Pic – Leading to the Opera

I enjoy wandering around Sydney Harbour. There are so many different angles and compositions that I am yet to get… One of the things I am noticing about my photography is my need for foreground and leading lines… a lot of my images have both of these features. I love how I have captured the seagull in this, is sort of fills the blank space on the top left hand of the frame… small but makes an impression… enjoy!

Sydney Opera House

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