Natures Curve Ball

I love the unpredictability of Nature, even though it can be wild, dangerous and damaging, the weather can surprise us with something we did not expect. On this day, It was grey and the cloud cover was thick on the horizon, and normally, this would mean that the sunset would be a ‘fizzer’ (technical term for ‘not so good’).

So when the suns rays pierced through the cloud and into the sky, I scrambled to find a good spot to shoot it from. Recently, I heard another similar story from my buddy Rob Potter. He was at Catherine Hill Bay and it was raining, and did not look like it was going to be a very good sunrise, only to be blindsided by mother nature turning on a show for him!

The lesson: just get out there with your camera, half of your shots will be awesome, you’ll just never know which ones until they happen!

Happy Shooting,



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