Medium Format

For some of you, the words ‘medium format’ will mean very little… and for the rest of you, it will excite you with thoughts of high pixel count and high quality prints. Most pro photographers have relied on medium format cameras over the years. Photographers such as Ken Duncan definitely use one… when I was at Long Jetty earlier in the week, fine art photographer Matt Pearson let me have a look through the viewfinder of his medium format camera, it is a 16×7 film camera, this is the size of the film area that captures the exposure, and once scanned, allows a print to be printed on a HUGE scale…

As a photographer, it made me go gooey at the knees looking through  the viewfinder of his panoramic film camera. I had never seen a medium format camera up close and personal… it makes me want one!

The Daily Pic – Panorama

Panoramic pics have proven to be popular and I for one, love a good Pano! It is getting easier with modern day cameras and software to create a panoramic image. Here is one I took from on the Cahill Walk in Sydney, I took 6 shots and merged them together. It will never be as good as looking through the viewfinder of Matt’s panoramic medium format film camera but will have to do for now… and maybe, just maybe, one day it will be the viewfinder of my own piece of panoramic photographic history I find myself looking through!

Circular Quay Panorama

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