My Little Green Cube

Some gadgets are so simple, yet make a big difference. My little green cube is one of these gadgets, in fact, when I have it on my camera it gets more attention than my D800! Everyone wants to know what the little green cube is… Even though the D800 has a virtual Horizon, and leveling indicators in the viewfinder, I find the little green cube the easiest thing to use to ensure my camera is level. It’s very frustrating when the horizon is not level so I tend to rely on my little green cube!

The Daily Pic – Ruined

As I jumped around I was making sure I watched where I put my feet, there were holes and bits of metal sticking out… It was raining and I had to work hard to keep the rain drops off the lens, in the end it was worth the effort, I really think the grey misty weather adds to the mood of this image… enjoy!

Blast Ruins Australia

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