Bare Island at La Perouse as seen in Mission Impossible

It was the last PhotoWALK of the year, and the earliest of the year, for the PhotoWALK guys. With sunrise at 5:37am a lot of the participants were setting their alarm clocks for around 3am, now that’s dedication! Unfortunately, it is the only way to get the best light, so up early it is! Around 45 people registered for the event and I think we ended up with about 30 arrive on time to get started, a few definitely slept in…

I have really enjoyed hosting these walks with Rob Potter and we will continue to host them again in the new year, also, up until this point we have not had any smaller group workshops, but due to the amount of requests, we have decided that in 2014 we will run some small group workshops to help you get the best out of your camera. Stay tuned for more details.

Today’s iCandy – Bare Island La Perouse

As usual on the PhotoWALKS, I don’t get to take to many photo’s.  I did manage to grab a couple of shots in between all the chin wagging 😉

Photography at Bare Island La Perouse

Photography at La Perouse

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