Tip #10: Try a prime lens

Nikon-AF-Nikkor-50mm-f-1.4DWhen you buy a camera in a kit there are normally a couple of lenses. Those lenses are usually zoom lenses, you’ll get something like an 18-55mm and a 55-200mm.

A prime lens is a lens that does not zoom, its a fixed focal length. If you could only buy one prime lens, regardless of if you have a full frame sensor or a crop sensor, there is one prime lens I would buy over anything else and that is the 50mm.

There are usually a couple of versions by each manufacturer, I know Nikon for example has a 1.8 and a 1.4, Cannon has a 1.2. Just get the lowest f-stop you can, even if you can just get the Nikon 1.8 its only a couple of hundred dollars. It will open up and expand your creativity. You have to move around more because it doesn’t zoom, but it will make your camera light and easy to move around with.

The 50mm is said to be one of the best for portraits, I absolutely love my 50mm lenses. I find that they are a good way to expand my creativity, and then slowly you will be able to build up more prime lenses. I’ve got several prime lenses, I really love having a prime lens. Usually they are a faster lens, they’ve got less glass in them so they’re a lighter lens, they’re usually sharper too! You’ll get a better quality image out of a prime lens.

Todays iCandy – Macro Pics from Fiji

You haven’t seen many posts from me lately. I was in Fiji for 10 days and have also been a little busy too! I have decided to share two pics with you today to make up for my slackness!

I took both of these in Fiji, I haven’t done a lot of Macro photography and took my Sigma 105mm Macro lens so I could play around with it. It really is a great lens and if you’re thinking of trying Macro out, it’s a lot cheaper than the Nikon or Canon lenses and from reports I have read, supposed to be better!

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