Tip #3: Get up early and stay out late

Photography TipsOne of the biggest challenges for me as a photographer is getting up at 3:30 or 4 in the morning to go and shoot sunrise. This is the time of day when there is the best light. So if you’re really serious about getting a nice shot, learn to get up early as tough as it is you’ll be pleased with the results. The other thing is shooting at the end of the day to catch sunset. Or an hour after sunset during what is called the blue hour, and you get some really nice colors in your shot. Shooting in the middle of the day is very difficult, the light is harsh. You’ll find that it will flatten your images. It’s not the best time to take photos and I think that’s a fairly common known thing throughout photography. I can’t stress enough the difference it will make your photography by getting up early and staying out late. Shoot sunrise, shoot sunset and I think you’ll be amazed at the results.

Todays iCandy – A Wharf in NZ Somewhere

I can’t remember exactly where this was. We were driving around the South Island of NZ and I spotted this, I think this is on the way back from my sunrise trip to Glenorchy. There are so many great places you can visit. This is processed using HDR, I also used Topaz Clarity and Topaz Adjust. Remember, if you want to save 15% off all Topaz Labs Software you can with the coupon code “ON3LEGS” – Use this link to visit Topaz Labs Now.


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