Tip #5: Post process your photos.

Ansel AdamsOne of the things that I’ve heard a lot in photography is that some people don’t like post processing. There are some people that think that you’re better at photography if you don’t have to post process your image. I think that’s absolute rubbish.

I think it’s almost essential to post process your images. Post processing has been around for a long time and there were plenty of photographers before the digital age that were post processing their images. It was called dodging and burning. In fact a very famous photographer by the name of Ansel Adams who did landscape photography. He had an 11 zone model that he used to use. Using his 11 Zone system He would work out the ‘perfect exposure’  then take his photo knowing he could dodge and burn the highlights and shadows to give more of an even exposure across his frame.

Post processing is completely normal. Even in the old film days they were pulling and pushing exposures, making colors more vibrant. They developed films that were more saturated. The Velvia 50 was a very famous film for landscape photographers because it was more saturated. Velvia created another film that was ideal for portraits, once again the skin tones were more natural. They’ve been doing whatever they can to manipulate photos for many many years. I think in the digital age we need to embrace the technology, and post process to our hearts content.

There are some great programs out there, Lightroom by Adobe is awesome, of course they have Photoshop which is very well known as an application that photographers have used for many many years. I think at the very minimum you should always shoot raw when you select your file type, and then you should be adjusting colors, adjusting contrast and adjusting sharpness. Don’t be afraid to try some of the different presets in these programs.

Remember, at the end of the day it’s your photo, your artwork. It doesn’t need to be what somebody else thinks it needs to be, make an image the way you want, that would make you happy.

A little Photoshop Tip – Adding a vignette to your image

You asked for it!  I while back I asked what you wanted me to show you and that led to me making a series of short but informative vids showing you tips and tricks in post processing your images. Here’s a quick video showing you how to add a vignette to your images in Photoshop.

Today’s iCandy – This Bus ain’t goin nowhere!

Here’s another shot form my trip to the old Tram Shed. Even though I am calling it the Tram Shed, there were a few busses in there too and it was so dark in this corner of the shed that I had to take several very long exposures to create this HDR image. This is one of those times when post processing you image is a necessity and HDR is almost the only way you’re going to get a decent exposure. If you want to learn how to create your very own HDR images CLICK HERE for my free tutorial.

Ps. Remember, you can click on any image to see it bigger!





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