Tip #7: Learn from your mistakes

I know it can be frustrating when you take a photo, and its blurry or over exposed, maybe something else ruined it for you…  so you delete it.

Henri Cartier-BressonIf you’re keen on improving your photography skills I think you should look at your bad photos and study them. Try to figure out what went wrong. If you’ve got a blurry photo, look at things like ISO, look at shutter speed, at aperture to try and work out what happened. Was it on a tripod? Did I move? Was the shutter speed less than the focal length? These are all the type of things you should look for when your photos go wrong to try and figure out what happened.

Instead of deleting them all off of your camera, have a look at them and try to figure out what went wrong. Was the composure wrong, maybe the exposure, what is it that I could have improved? Learn from your mistakes!

I think this famous quote by Henri Cartier-Bresson sums it up! “Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.” Get those out of the way as quick as you can!

Todays iCandy – The Tiny Spider

Can you find it? Before I headed off to Tassie I decided to get myself a Macro Lens. I had owned one before but hardly used it, and really wasn’t sure on how to! Doing my research I learnt that the Tasmanian rainforest can be abundant with fungi of all shapes and sizes so I decided I would try my hand at some macro fungi shots. It was fun, slowly walking through the forest, eyes scanning the forest floor for interesting fungi to photograph. This one was amazingly small, and it wasn’t until I had it at 100% on my monitor that I realised I had a tiny spider posing for the shot!

Macro Fungi Tasmania

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