Bombo Quarry and Cathedral Rocks

This trip started out with an idea to capture every lighthouse on the east coast of Australia, still something that I am thinking of doing.

Kiama is about 2 hours south of Sydney and has a lighthouse, there are also 2 lighthouses at Wollongong too, so I though I would try and capture all three if I had time.

Kiama is also well known for the Bombo Quarry and Cathedral Rocks, both very cool places to visit if you’re a photographer.

We checked into our hotel and I decided I wanted to try sunset at Bombo Quarry, which we did, and the place is amazing.

Bombo Quarry
Bombo Quarry at Sunset


I decided that I would head back to Bombo Quarry for Sunrise, I got up early the next day and headed to Bombo, but unfortunately, the sunrise was not very spectacular, yet I got some decent images.

During the day I checked out Cathedral Rocks to scope out the access and best compositions, and decided I would head back next morning to shoot it at sunrise and glad I did! I was rewarded with some awesome colour.

Cathedral Rocks at Sunrise
Cathedral Rocks at Sunrise

You may notice by now, we’re lacking visits to lighthouses! I did visit the Kiama Lighthouse on the 2nd night with the intention of shooting it with the milky way behind it, but it was way too windy for me to get a long exposure without the camera moving, so I decided to hit the sack so I could get up early for sunrise.

So the number of lighthouse shots taken over the weekend trip is ZERO!

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