Use Foreground to create Depth

One of the challenges with Photography is that it is two dimensional. To bring perspective, depth and that feeling of being right there, make sure you have something interesting in your foreground. It will bring perspective to your shot and introduce the third dimension.

Today’s iCandy – Morning Wave

In this image i have used the foreground of the rocks and the movement in the wave to create a great deal of depth. The ship on the Horizon brings perspective and scale to the image, helping your brain work out the 3rd dimension.

Whale Beach Sydney

The Technical Mumbo Jumbo

[tabbed tabs=”Camera|Mode|ISO|Aperture|Shutter|Lens|Filter|Other info”] [tab] I used my trusty D800 for this one [/tab] [tab] I used Aperture Priority (aka AV) [/tab] [tab] ISO100 – I always shoot as low as possible [/tab] [tab] f11 – This gave me a slower shutter speed and good depth of field [/tab] [tab] 1/4 of a second – this makes sure I captured the water movement[/tab] [tab] Nikon 14-24mm lens [/tab] [tab] No Filter [/tab] [tab] I used Lightroom 5 to make a few tweaks, mainly dropped the highlights, increased the shadows, bumped up Clarity and Vibrance, Cropped to panoramic and that’s it!  [/tab] [/tabbed]

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