Live Saturdays 8:30am Sydney Local time!

That’s friday afternoon for most of the USA and Friday nights for the UK. It’s hard to find a time zone that works for everyone, hopefully you can make it to the live session!

If not, YouTUBE records it and makes it available as a replay after the live broadcast is over, and if you join in late, I believe YouTUBE will allow you to start from the beginning.

During this first Pixel Chatter live broadcast, I critique 3 images, this is a new thing for me to do so be patient while I work out the best method for critiquing your work in a constructive way and offering my tips and suggestions to getting a better shot.

If you want to have your images critiqued live during the Pixel Chatter show, please email 3 images to making sure the images are not huge! 1800px along the longest edge will work well. Make sure you include your name and location and any details about the photos you can that you think will help.

I may not be able to critique every image live as I have been sent a lot of photos, each week I will pick a few and spend a bit of time going over what I think works well, and what I think could be improved.


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