Learn how to make your photo’s pop!

I threw the question out there on social media and overall had a resounding ‘yes please’ to an online post processing workshop. I am thinking sometime in the new year and I am going to make this one FREE… I know, sounds crazy… everyone else is charging… consider it an xmas gift from me to you! It will be around one hour and I will share my screen, you will get to see exactly what I do, in fact, I will pick an image from my library that I have never processed and we will play together… keep an eye out for the invite, it should be FUN!

Today’s iCandy – Xmas in the Strand

I went for a wander around the city and wanted to grab a few shots capturing the xmas fever! Here shoppers are running around before the real crowds descend on the shops… this is the Strand Arcade in the city and is very tripod friendly from what I understand, I have never heard of anyone having a problem with security in here… maybe they don’t have any!

Strand Arcade

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