Bradley’s Head PhotoWALK

Last Saturday we (The PhotoWALK Guys, aka Ben Fewtrell and Rob Potter) met at Bradley’s Head reserve. 85 People were registered for the walk, and we had around 60 turn up on the day.

It was a little bit of mayhem when we arrived, with 3 or 4 weddings in the reserve, it meant that parking was at a premium. Somehow, we scored parking!

Once the walk got underway, I spooled up my Blade 350QX quadcopter for a group shot and then flew around a little. I am really enjoying the 350QX, it is challenging to fly sometimes and gives me a unique photo.

The Photo Walk Guys Group Shot

Nature turned on a fab sunset and once the sun had dropped below the horizon, Rene fired up the steel wool to give the photo walkers something unique to capture, Albert and Rob then created light orbs and I think this is the part of a photo walk people love.

Someone did comment, that not much walking happens on our photo walks, and that is true, but we always have a good time!

Light Orbs

The PhotoWALK Guys at Bradleys Head


Steel Wool Spinning

Steel Wool Spinning


From the Blade 350QX Quadcopter

Blade 350QX Photography

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