Use Lightroom to enhance your photos

I love to post process my images, I will never apologise for that! Adobe have been slowly improving Lightroom. I think they’re smart enough to know, that if they can make one program that you will use to import, index and enhance every image, you can search by name, location or a rating. It has presets, makes it east to do black and white and is even easy to use! You will buy it.

The difference between an average image and one with spark, is a little post processing. Photoshop has been the go to program for so long, but now, Lightroom does such a cracker of a job, you can use it for just about everything!

I posted a quick video tutorial last week using Photoshop to bring 3 images into one. I got a lot of positive feedback, and also was asked if I could do more. I say SURE! It’s easy for me to record what I am doing, as I do it.

Here’s a quick video, i take you through enhancing this image with just Lightroom.

[framed_video column=”full-width”][/framed_video]

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