A quick video showing you how I captured Rangitoto Island

I am not going to be winning any awards for best producer and director. In fact, I have been told my videos can be a little dull and I waffle too much! Oh well… I get asked all the time how I make my photos look the way I do, and I guess some of you want to learn how to use your camera better. So if you’re not interested in the behind the scenes stuff then don’t watch the video… you might find me dull and boring! On the other hand, if you want to see my thoughts on composition and settings then press play…

[framed_video column=”full-width”]https://vimeo.com/60534485[/framed_video]

Today’s iCandy – Golden Kurrawa

As the sun rises over the horizon another day begins… for me sunrise is one of the most peaceful times of day, why do we like to sleep through this moment each day?

Golden Kurrawa

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