It’s a matter of opinion

It amazes me how so many people (photographers in particular) will be critical about another photographers photo. Sure, it is great to get feedback on technical elements and the likes, but the subject and composition is entirely up to you! After all, it’s your photo… and that makes it your art. I participate on a few photographers online forums from time to time, and I will see things like “you should straighten the horizon” or “dial the warmth back” or “it is too saturated”.. I am sure you get the idea, I could rattle on for ever… If you like it crooked or nice and warm, or even if you like it over saturated to buggery, every photographer ends up with there own style, just like any other artist… my view is if you like it, then it is right! simple!

The Daily Pic – Reflections

I remember seeing a behind the scenes video of Trey Ratcliff taking a pic of the Eiffel Tower, he created a composition by getting behind a puddle that had been created by overnight rain and got his camera down nice and low to get the reflection, I thought it is a great effect and now whenever I see a puddle of water, I look to see what reflections I can capture. In this photo you can see the reflections of the cloud above, what I have done is a secret photographers magic (now I am just talking rubbish, but read on anyway!) I have cropped the image so you cannot see all of the cloud above, however, you get to see it all in the reflection… enjoy!

Turimetta small rock

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