Firmware Update for the Nikon D700

If you happen to own the Nikon D700 there is a firmware update available for you… Your current firmware version can be checked by going to the ‘Firmware Version’ item in the cameras set up menu. The upgrade is for A and B and will take A to ver 1.03 and B to 1.02. Apparently this will fix an issue that was on very rare occasions was causing images to be extremely under exposed. Personally I haven’t had any issues but my recent repair by Nikon ensures I have the later firmware anyway.

If you want to find out more and download the update for your D700 then you can do so by visiting the nikon site here.

And by the way, I take no responsibility for anything you stuff up if you try to update your firmware and it goes pear shaped… got it!

The Daily Pic – Sails

This is a pic of the Sydney Opera House I took one morning when wandering around. I like to challenge myself to find a different perspective on these famous landmarks, and in this case I got right up close to capture the detail in the sails. It is quite an impressive building and I have often wondered how I can get inside to explore and take photo’s… security is pretty tight!


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