Matt Pearson Fine Art Photographer

It is always cool to meet other photographers when I am out and about taking pics, as for landscape photographers, we are creatures that usually gather at two particular times of the day, sunrise and sunset. I was at Long Jetty after planning a trip there for a sunset shoot. I was patiently waiting for the sun to set when another photographer rocked up, nothing unusual, as it is sunset, and it is a nice spot… then, he sets up 2 tripods and one of them had a medium format 16 x 7 panorama film camera on it… now I know he is really serious (well he looked like he is!). Being me… I introduced myself, it happened to be Matt Pearson, a fine art photographer from Sydney, he had a gallery in Rushcutters Bay that he had just closed to go on the trip of a lifetime. He had been planning for years to spend 12 months travelling around Oz taking pics and will open another gallery when he is back. Long Jetty happened to be his first shoot, we were treated to a sensational sunset… (pics to come in the next few days!)  if you want to check out Matt Pearson’s work you can by visiting his website here. Safe travels Matt and thanks for your time… it was great to learn a few things from you!

The Daily Pic – Savage Dog

I think my wife wants me to be eaten alive by a savage dog! A couple of weeks ago, my wife suggested a really nice tree lined driveway for me to go and shoot… so I decided to check it out. I wasn’t game to venture too far up the driveway after I spotted the sign! enjoy….

Savage Dogs

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