A morning at Bondi

This is my second year attending Sculptures by the Sea and I find it quite interesting to shoot. To be completely honest, I am not really into this kind of art but it is hard to walk around checking it out without appreciating the work that went into the sculptures. I must admit though, there are always a couple I just scratch my head and wonder how it can be called a sculpture, let alone art.

If you’re keen to photograph something different I would recommend getting down to Bondi and take the walk to Tamarama. The best place to park in at Bondi, they have a parking area with meters that start from 7am (make sure you pay for parking or you risk getting a fine).

Sculptures by The Sea 2014

Pack Light

I see a lot of photographers getting around with HUGE backpacks of gear, it is about 2 kilometres from start to finish of the walk and then same again if you have to walk back to your starting point. You don’t even need a tripod unless you’re going to be there before sunrise or after sunset. I would suggest you grab your favourite lens and just take that. A wider angle lens is good so you can get close to the sculptures (otherwise you will find it hard to get shots without people in your way). I used my new Nikon D810 with a 17-35mm lens hand held. Don’t be afraid to ask if you can jump in front of everyone to grab your shot, just make sure you’re all set up and ready to hit the shutter button so you can get in and out quick. I find most people at something like Sculptures by The Sea to be very friendly and happy.

Sculptures by The Sea 2014

Wear Sunscreen & Take Water

Something that I always learn the hard way. Even if you’re going for sunrise I would put some sunscreen on. As soon as the sun is above the horizon you really start to feel the heat. A bottle of water is handy too.

Go Early

It can get real busy, even at sunrise there is a lot of people around, but I think it is the best time, especially if you can get there on a weekday. Parking is the other problem, if you’re planning on driving there I would suggest getting there before sunrise to guarantee a spot, by 7am there was no parking anywhere and hundreds of cars driving around looking for a spot.

Sculptures by The Sea 2014

Go Again… and again

Last year I had to go back a couple of times as I just couldn’t get every shot I wanted with the right light. This year I will visit several times to make sure I get to see all the sculptures. As it was during this first visit I only got to see around 30% of the sculptures (and only photographed a couple of them). I could have stayed longer but the light get’s very harsh after sunrise so the colours are not as good.

The Nikon D810

All of these were taken on my new Nikon D810 with my 17-35mm f/2.8 lens. I was a bit sceptical that the upgraded features from the D800 were going to justify the upgrade, but I am so far very impressed. I will do a special post soon with a video to share my thoughts and initial impressions of the Nikon D810.

Sculptures by The Sea 2014


Find out more about Sculptures by The Sea 2014

If you want more information about Sculptures by the Sea CLICK HERE to check out their website. Please leave your comments and question below, I would love to hear from you if you have visited Sculpture by the Sea and how you found it. Maybe you visited a Sculpture by the Sea in another location besides Sydney. Either way I would love to hear from you.


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