and a new RETRO look Df Nikon!

Nikon have just announced their newest DSLR to the range, the Nikon Df –  but it is a little different!


For those of you that have been following my photo journey for some time will know that I have a love affair with the Fuji X-E1, another retro design camera. This new Nikon Df gives me camera lust! The DF shares the same 16mp FULL FRAME sensor and processor as their pro D4 giving you the ability to shoot at up to ISO12,800 – unlike most that can only go to ISO6400. I have read reviews saying that they had to make some compromises and the 51 point AF system that is in the D4 is not in the Df, instead, you only get 39 AF points (I only ever use one!)

The only down side I see is the price! I have heard that it will retail for somewhere around US$300! At this price you would have to consider the D800. Although, the old style retro chunky look may just win me over!

Sculptures by the Sea PhotoWALK

We had an absolute blast last Sunday at the Sculptures by the Sea PhotoWALK. With over 120 people registered, I was hoping for a HUGE group photo, by the time we arrived (Myself and Rob aka The PhotoWALK Guys) a lot of the registered had already started to wander around and grab some shots (I can’t blame them… so many great sights!) Thanks to all of you that came along and we hope to see you at the next walk.

The Photowalk Guys

Sculptures by the Sea

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