The Lowepro Inverse 200 AW – A Quick Mini Review

For years I have been buying different camera bags, and I am yet to find the perfect solution. I think I have found a near perfect solution as a ‘day pack’ or ‘travel pack’. In fact, I bought the inverse as it fits inside my carry on luggage when I am travelling, and is easy to use once at my destination, I also use it for around my home town, As it holds my DSLR and a second lens, filters, a bottle of water, my mobile phone, keys and stuff with ease! It can get a little heavy being a belt pack, I just use the shoulder strap that came with it and find that really helps to spread the load.

I also think the belt pack is a great way to carry all my lenses around if I was at an event or out shooting for the day, The lowepro inverse 200 AW would easily hold 3 zoom lenses if I didn’t need it to carry my DSLR and makes getting to my lenses a breeze. In fact I can fit my 16-35mm, 24-70mm and my 70-200mm in it (although it is tight with the lens hoods on). I would then just have my DSLR on my tripod or on my Rapid strap !

Lowepro are well known for making great quality gear, so it goes without saying that the inverse is great quality, where I find this pack differs from a lot of others I have used, it’s actually comfortable!

The Daily Pic – Sensational Sunrise

Here’s another of the Jetty at Port Macquarie. The colours in the sky kept changing so I have quite a few different compositions that I want to process… enjoy!

Port Macquarie Jetty rocks

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