Still getting the hang of the Xpan

I have been shooting with both my D800 and my Xpan each time I go out… I was consistently underexposing on the Fuji Velvia so I adjusted the way I was metering, and started to use a light meter to get better at getting the exposure right. My latest roll is definitely the best so far, and is only my 3rd roll exposed. I am really enjoying shooting on film as it really makes me think about what I am doing and has taught me to go back to the basic fundamentals of photography… light!

Here is a pic straight from the scan of the Fuji Velvia, I can see why so many landscape photographers really love this slide film, the colours just ‘pop’!

Xpan Shot on Fuji Velvia 50

Pic of the Day – Silky Smooth Waterfall

I love to try and capture the mood of a scene, and a waterfall is majestic for that very reason, the water is falling, to be able to capture that is a great challenge, especially somewhere as busy as Wentworth Falls, so many people kept walking in front of me as I was trying to shoot this… enjoy!

Wentworth Falls

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