Using an ND filter

Have you ever wondered how to get silky smooth water in your photographs… well, it is as simple as mounting your camera on a tripod and leaving your shutter open for several seconds, or is it?… well, sort of! The challenge with leaving your shutter open for 10 or 20 seconds in the middle of the day is that your photo will be so overexposed that it will be useless! The key is to put strong sunglasses on your lens… just kidding, you will need an ND (neutral density) filter. Typically, this will be a screw on filter that screws onto your lens, and you can get different strengths, or stack them on top of each other if you want, and this limits how much light gets into your lens allowing you to keep the shutter open much longer.

The Daily Pic – Silky Smooth

I took this pic down at Bents Basin. Technically, this is not the greatest pic, in fact, the lighting was not very good… let’s forget that for now… I chose this as the daily pic to show you what effect you can achieve when an ND filter is used. This obviously only works if the water is running!

Bents Basin

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