Through the lens of the D800

I already posted a shot from this same spot that I took using the Fuji X-T1. In addition to having the Fuji, I also had my D800 set up with the 14-24mm lens on it. I was using a LEE .9 ND Soft Grad too. As I said in my earlier post, I was really hoping for a better sunset but there must have been too much cloud on the horizon for the sun to do its thing!

For those of you that are wondering where this is, it’s at Kirribilli. I parked where the Jeffrey Street Wharf is and walked to this spot, I doubt you could shoot from here at high tide so make sure you check that out before you head here if getting the rocks etc in your foreground is important to you. You can of course access the area otherwise, and stay up the top of the wall.

This was the only time I spotted any colour in the sky. I still always prefer a bit of cloud in the sky anyway!


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