Working on my Composition

Photography is like anything else, having the right tools is a good start but is not enough to succeed, you also need to be able to compose the scene. There is always the rule of thirds, that even some very well known photographers will tell you is just another rule that was made to be broken! What I do know is that sometimes I just manage to get a great shot, and I am getting better a picking out what the best composition is going to be. I love the iPhone for helping me with my composition, as I will take the pic on my iPhone and have a look before I set up the tripod and put any effort into taking the real shot.

The Daily Pic – Sunkissed Bridge

This is definitely one of my favourite pics to date. I took this on Easter Sunday, I got up at 4:45am with a plan to head to La Perouse, when I was nearing the city I could see the cloud cover and decided to head to observatory hill instead and take a couple of hours to wander around and take some pics, basically scouting spots for the future. I was actually walking back to the car when I saw this opportunity to take this pic… I hope you like it! I have just ordered it on a HUGE canvas print for my wall…

Sunkissed Bridge Sydney Harbour Bridge

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