Just another Sydney Sunset 😉

I was watching the clouds this afternoon, in fact, I was sort of planning a trip up the Southern Pylon of the Harbour Bridge. Winter is the ONLY time you can get sunset from up the Pylon due to the fact they close it at 5pm (what are they thinking?) – Anyway, a quick check of my favourite photography app (TPE) I realised that sunset is at 5:03pm so the Pylon is not going to work. In a few weeks Sydney will see it’s shortest days, thats when I will head up there.

I convinced my wife Nikki to head into the city with me, we headed to Kirribilli as I haven’t caught a stellar sunset from here yet. There was a wedding in the park we had to negotiate our way through, and I settled on a spot that provided a bit of foreground (one of my prerequisites for a good spot!).

I had the Nikon and the Fuji set up, I really like the wireless functionality of the Fuji X-T1 but it can be a little finicky. This image is from the Fuji, pretty much straight from camera as I haven’t had time to do much processing.


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