Diamonds in your own back yard

As the old saying goes… ‘There are diamonds in your own back yard’, it certainly applies to photography. Whilst I am always excited to find a new ‘hot spot’ for photography, I like the challenge of shooting something or some where I have shot many times before, but try to capture in a different way. I had a couple of concepts in my head that I wanted to try, one was shooting the Opera House from the northern side of Sydney Harbour, but rather than use a wide angle lens, get in nice and tight with my zoom. Another of my planned shots was to shoot Luna Park at night, I wanted to get nice and close and include every last detail… I wanted every light bulb to shine… I wanted you to feel like you were a child standing at the entry looking up in oar. Here are the results…

Today’s iCandy – Watching the Opera + Luna Smile

So today you get not one… but two images… enjoy!

Sydney Hot Spots

Sydney Luna Park

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  1. Hi Ben, Beautiful shots – both. After much, much, much research poring over camera reviews and talking with experts, we went with the D800. Received it a couple of days ago and have been blown away by what we’ve seen so far. We’ve shot with D90, D70 and D60 in the past… Looking forward to getting up on the learning curve of the D800 and loving it so far! Thanks for sharing your views about your own gear! Jack & Barbra

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