Any skill level, Any Camera… come one… come all!

It looks like my last PhotoWALK for 2012 will be a great one! I am joining forces with Rob Potter from for my last PhotoWALK of the year. We’re kicking off at Observatory Hill, it is known as one of the premier photography locations in Sydney, with magnificent views over the harbour. We will then work our way to the rocks as the sun sets and have fun capturing some night shots. Our last joint PhotoWALK saw over 20 photographers attend and we were treated to a magic sunset over Long Reef… we had people at all skill levels with all kinds of cameras from phone camera’s to DSLR’s. No matter what you have you are welcome to come along!

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Pic of the Day – Clowning Around

On my recent Fiji holiday I spent a fair bit of time underwater. I love scuba diving, it is very relaxing and in a way, is how I would imagine flying to be if we could just strap on a flight suit and take off. I thought I would try my hand at some underwater photography. I was too scared to put my D800 into an underwater housing so I decided to get a point and shoot that I could take diving. I decided on the Panasonic Lumix FT3 as it is waterproof to 12 metres, and shock proof too! Panasonic also sell an underwater housing for the Lumix so it can as deep as 40 metres. If the housing was to leak I would not have to worry as the camera itself is waterproof.

My hat goes off to the underwater photographers, this is one tough gig! It is challenging when your subject is timid and moving, and underwater the rule is to get as close as possible as shooting through too much water will degrade your shot. Of course, the closer I got to anything I wanted to shoot, the quicker it moved away so I ended up with a lot of shots of fish’s bums! The Clown fish on the other hand will stand their ground. They’re breeding at the moment and they stay to protect their eggs, so getting a photo of them is a little easier yet still challenging as they move around a lot!

Here is one of my better shots….

Clown Fish protecting their nest

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