Composition, composition, composition…

As a photographer the key to a great photo is composition, there are a bunch of rules in regards to composition, but for those of you that know me, I am happy to break the rules! Sometimes I will post a photo on a photography forum for feedback and it is interesting to see how many different perspectives other photographers will have in regards to composition. One of the techniques I love to use is leading lines, that is, I like to find something in the foreground that will lead the eye to something of interest in the picture, for example, you may use a fence line, a path or it could be a branch on a tree. If you have a look at some of my pics I am sure you will be able to spot where and how I use leading lines.

Sydney Sights

For me I think that living in Sydney has made me a little immune to the beautiful scenery we have, and as a photographer one of the toughest decision is where do I go next as there are so many options!  It is hard not to be drawn to Sydney Harbour. In this shot you can see how I have use leading lines to draw you into the image… enjoy.

Sydney Harbour Foreshore

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