Vivid busy with Saturday Night Crowds

I headed to the city last night to check out Vivid, as I drove into the city I was kicking myself as I could see that it was extremely busy and realistically, I should have thought this through a little more… anyway, I weaved my way through the city and headed back over to Blues Point, this is the perfect vantage point to see the Harbour Bridge all lit up.

There were still plenty of people about but I managed to get a parking spot and spent a couple of hours wandering around taking photos, and I even bumped into one of my blog readers, Laurence. It’s always nice to meet you so of you see me out and about please always feel welcome to come up and say hi…

Vivid Sydney PhotoWALK – Saturday 1st June

This time, we’re heading into Sydney for the Vivid Festival. During this festival parts of Sydney are lit up with an amazing show of lights.  We’ll meet under the Harbour Bridge on Hickson Rd and slowly make our way around to Circular Quay (or as far as we make it). Meeting at 9:30pm ensures that we miss a bulk of the crowds, in past years peak times were around 8pm and quietening down by 10pm.

You will need your tripod for this one!

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Today’s iCandy – Vivid Lights

One of the challenges with Photographing the Vivid festival is that some of it moves very fast. You need to pump your ISO up and live with the side effects of a little noise if you’re going to freeze the motion. If you’re heading to Vivid with your camera, remember to take your tripod, without it you will be disappointed with your results…

Sydney Vivid 2013

The Technical Mumbo Jumbo

[tabbed tabs=”Camera|Mode|ISO|Aperture|Shutter|Lens|Filter|Other info”] [tab] I used my trusty D800 for this one [/tab] [tab] I used full Manual Mode [/tab] [tab] ISO2500 – I usually like to shoot as low as I can go, but in this case, the images being projected onto the Opera House were moving fast and I wanted to freeze the motion, so I needed a high ISO [/tab] [tab] f2.8 – My maximum aperture for this lens, giving me a quicker shutter speed [/tab] [tab] 1/15th of a second – doing my best to freeze the movement [/tab] [tab] Nikon 70-200mm VRii lens [/tab] [tab] No Filter [/tab] [tab] Definitely a challenging subject to shoot. I have cheated a little in photoshop and added some motion blur to the water… I like that softening effect. [/tab] [/tabbed]

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