What Remote Sutter Release for your DSLR?

Hopefully I can help you choose! I have been through several different remote releases trying to find the one that suits my needs best. I think I have finally found the one I like best… for me wireless is my preferred choice, having a remote attached to the camera with a wire hanging around is […]

Clear to Land

Good, Cheap and Fast I am heading to Tasmania next week and decided that I would take a macro lens with me. After looking at the lenses available I settled on the Sigma 105mm Macro lens and set about finding one. After ringing around I soon worked out this lens is popular and knew I […]

The Road to Mount Cook

New Zealand Self Drive Tours When I started to look at booking my New Zealand road trip I had no idea where to start. And being me… I like to take the short cut where possible and that means finding someone to help me plan and book everything. I contacted NZ Self Drive Tours not […]