A Day at the Opera

Do You Photoshop Your Photos? I was asked this question over on facebook, and it sparked a healthy discussion so I thought I would write this blog post about photoshop. Firstly, there is post processing, and then there is photo manipulation. I am not into manipulating my photo’s, I will sometimes remove a distracting element […]

Limited Edition Canvas Now Available!

Sunkissed Bridge 160cm (63″) x 100cm (40″) This is a limited edition canvas print of one of my favourite images I have taken called Sunkissed Bridge. There will only be 10 of this size made available… and I have one on my wall already! so there is only 9 left. They’re $997 plus freight and […]

The Opera House

It looks as though our Opera House has been renovated! I came across this picture and was amazed at how the architecture of this temple in India was so similar to our Opera House. This picture by the way is courtesy of http://pixhd.net and is of the lotus Temple in New Delhi. The Daily Pic – The […]


My pic is featured on the Photomerchant page! Photomerchant is the company that I use to host my portfolio, they are an Aussie company that is the solution for anyone that wants to be able to sell their photo’s online. If you head to their Facebook page, you will see my image ‘Sunkissed’ featured as […]

The Jetty

The Early Bird Gets the Worm Or the early rising photographer hopes to get the sunrise! In photography there is what they call ‘the golden hour’, this happens twice a day, sunrise and sunset. During the middle of the day the sun is high and harsh and makes photo’s look flat and boring. During the […]

Sunkissed Bridge

Working on my Composition Photography is like anything else, having the right tools is a good start but is not enough to succeed, you also need to be able to compose the scene. There is always the rule of thirds, that even some very well known photographers will tell you is just another rule that […]

Beer glorious beer!

Beer is the second most popular beverage in the world! Only to be pipped at the post by tea… who would have thought that tea was a more popular drink than beer? Here’s a few weird facts about Beer… 1. Beer was often used as medicine in the medieval times, I still think it is today for some! […]

All Aboard the Google Plus Bus…

A Successful Photo Walk I must confess I had never been on a photowalk before, and I wasn’t really very active on google plus either, in fact, I was starting to think that google + was failing!… How wrong was I! In Sydney alone there were 225 photographers that rocked up for the Google Plus […]

Earth, Fire, Water, Metal and Wood

This is another shot from my visit to the Chinese Gardens in Darling Harbour. The Garden was designed and built by Chinese landscape architects and gardeners, and is governed by the Taoist principles of ‘Yin-Yang’ and the five opposite elements – earth, fire, water, metal and wood. These principles also stress the importance of Qi, […]