Waiting for the Sun to Set…

On my last day in Perth I decided to hit the beach to watch the sun set. (something we don’t really get on the eastern side of the country). Whilst I was waiting I noticed these Seagulls just chilling out on the beach enjoying the view! This was taken at Scarborough Beach just in from […]

Do the Crime… Do the time….

Fremantle in WA has plenty of history, For reasons even I am unsure about, I just love checking these places out! Maybe it is the mystery of what goes on behind the walls… Seeing how the prisoners lived and trying to imagine what their lives would have been like. Not to mention what it would […]

Two bikes…. and a Mountain…

For anyone outside of Australia, this so called mountain would be laughable… but for us Aussies… this is a mountain! For a country that has a fairly flat landscape it is unusual to come across something like this, this is on the Mount Lindsay Highway in Queensland, and I thought this was Mount Lindsay, but […]

The Round House

The Round House is the oldest public building in the State of Western Australia. Opened in January 1831, just 18 months after settlement, it was built to hold any person convicted of a crime in the settlement and was used until 1886. After it ceased being used as a gaol it became a Police Lock-up […]

What is one of Perth’s most unique and must see tourist attractions?

The Perth Bell Tower of course… Among its many attributes the Bell Tower includes the twelve bells of St Martin-in-the-Fields, which are recorded as being in existence from before the 14th century and recast in the 16th century by Queen Elizabeth I. The bells were again recast between 1725 and 1770 by three generations of the […]

Quokka on Rottnest Island

If you’re like me, then you’re probably asking what the heck is a Quokka…? Well up until a few days ago, I had no idea what a Quokka was! Even when I had arrived at Rottnest Island I had no idea what I was looking for, and started to think that the Quokka was an […]

Sydney Opera House

Here is a sunrise shot of the Sydney Opera House. The Harbour Bridge is so  B I G  that sometimes it can sometimes eclipse the Opera House. I will have to head over to the other side of the harbour to get some more pics of the Opera House on my next city photo adventure! […]

Moon Gate

Sometimes there are natural features to create a ‘frame’ for a great picture and other times they are man made… in this case it is man made, this is a ‘moon gate’ in a Chinese garden, and is something you will find in most Chinese gardens. As with most things Chinese it is traditional, and […]

Happy Birthday Sydney Harbour Bridge

Well, today is the 80th Birthday for the Harbour Bridge. I can’t imagine what Sydney would be like without the Bridge. It is an icon and always a willing participant when I whip out the Nikon! Here you can see the bridge posing for it’s 80th birthday photo shoot, unfortunately for me, the weather was […]