On The Bridge

Looking for Sunset Locations If you have any ideas of great locations for me to shoot at sunset, let me know. I am using an app on the iPad called stuck on earth and it is great for finding new spots, but if you know somewhere that is good I will put your location onto […]

Foggy Bare Morning

Who’s going to win this shootout? Check out this guy… Sometimes a photographer has to get right into the firing line to get that ‘shot’… it looks like it may have been a march or protest looking at the background, who knows, this may have been set up, or this photographer was brave enough (or […]

Foggy Crossing

New DIY Picture Framing resource I had a lot of questions about how to make your own picture frames as a result of the mini picture framing tutorial I posted on this site. I decided that I would start another site dedicated to picture framing and record a series of how to videos to make […]

Bare Island

How I take the shots for HDR photography on my Nikon D700 I get a lot of questions in regards to HOW it is that I actually take the shots I need to create a HDR image, so I created a short video on my iPhone to show you how. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUiiZsiL4k4] The Daily Pic […]