New vs Old

I love getting prints back from the lab Today I received 6 prints back from the lab… I just love it when I get them, there is something cool about seeing my photo’s come to life from a professional lab, all of these have been sent to me to be framed with a couple of […]

Foggy Crossing

New DIY Picture Framing resource I had a lot of questions about how to make your own picture frames as a result of the mini picture framing tutorial I posted on this site. I decided that I would start another site dedicated to picture framing and record a series of how to videos to make […]

Under the Bridge

Nikon Announce the D3200 After mother nature gave Japan a belting, Nikon was laying low for a while there… now all of a sudden they have hit the market harder than an angry ninja with a bunch of new gear! the D800, the D800E, the D4 and now the D3200!… the D3200 on paper is […]